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Web and Video Conferencing

Meet face-to-face and collaborate seamlessly with anyone, anywhere 

Express offer Web and Video Conferencing solutions to suit all of your collaboration needs. Connect and collaborate fast and easily with Web Conferencing or conduct all hands meetings, lectures and interviews with our HD point-to-point Video Conferencing service.

What are the benefits of web and video conferencing?

Enhance communication

Meet face-to-face, hold large-scale events and collaborate on documents in real-time.

Make decisions quickly

Web and video conferencing are on-demand services which allows you to quickly and easily connect into conference.

Save time, money and the environment

Significantly reduce the costs associated with traditional face-to-face meetings and spend less time travelling.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing should be used when you need a fast and easy way to meet face-to-face with your conference guests via an internet connection on your computer. Our platform has a full suite of features and allows you to host many different types of meetings, including:

  • Interactive meetings - share audio, documents or screen applications with attendees
  • HD video conferences - attendees can display the video from their webcams
  • Webinars - broadcast a non-interactive presentation to many simultaneous listeners or viewers
  • Remote support sessions - access another computer with control, support and reboot capabilities
  • Remote access sessions - Give permission for your computer to be controlled remotely

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HD video conferencing

Our premium, point-to-point video conferencing service provides exceptional HD audio and video quality, whenever you need to run everyday video-enabled room-to-room meetings using video conferencing hardware, connect multiple sites or execute hybrid (live+virtual) special events with the help of our managed service.

  • HD video and voice - crystal-clear video and audio quality
  • Adaptable video layouts - ensures an optimised experience for your specific number of guests
  • Screenshare - desktop users can share screens, documents and applications  
  • Audio bridge integration - allow your guests to dial-in to the video conference from their phone
  • Operator assisted services - allow us to connect your guests, monitor the conference or conduct a Q&A session

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