Meet Visually with Web & Video Conferencing

Present documents. Share screens. Meet face-to-face.

Reduce business costs. Increase productivity. Speed up decision-making.


Why use web conferencing?

Web conferencing is easy with Express!

Infoshare, our web conferencing platform, is so easy to use.Plus, just like our conference calls, you only pay for what you use.

Since you already have an Express username and password (host code), you can get started with web conferencing immediately.

How to start web conferencing

You can get started by downloading our web conferencing platform - Infoshare.

Choose from one of the buttons below.





How to schedule and start a web conference


Watch the below video or download the user guide.






To learn more about web conferencing with Infoshare, visit our resources page for more video tutorials.



4 steps to web conferencing with Infoshare.


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