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What is teleconferencing?

Teleconferencing is a way for three or more people to meet via a phone call, no matter where they are in the world. A teleconference is also sometimes referred to as an audio conference, conference call, telephone meeting or remote meeting.

How does teleconferencing work?

Teleconferences are generally very easy to join from either a landline or a mobile phone – all you need is a dial-in number and an access code. You should receive this information from your chosen teleconferencing provider.

Benefits of teleconferencing

Reduce costs

The cost of meeting in person can be prohibitive for many companies, especially if the meeting takes place interstate or overseas. Just a few of the costs include travel, hotels, meals and transport. Even if they can afford it, most companies would prefer to save that money rather than spend it unnecessarily.

Holding a teleconference instead allows you to save the money you would have spent on transporting team members to the meeting, leaving it free for other, more important, things.

Save time

A lot of time is spent travelling to in-person meetings, and this time could be better used in other ways. By holding a teleconference you can use the time saved to complete other work or even prepare for the upcoming meeting.

Increase productivity

All that time you’ll save by not travelling to meetings can be used to achieve your business goals rather than wasting it on a plane or in a hotel. You’ll achieve more, making you more productive and your boss happier!

Speed up decision making

When you need to make a decision quickly, holding a teleconference means you can meet and collaborate with whoever you need to within 5 minutes. When compared to travelling to the meeting, teleconferencing is clearly the more efficient option.


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