Secure conferencing with Video Rooms

Peace of mind and protection from unwanted intruders.

What is HD Video Rooms?

HD Video Rooms is a premium video conferencing solution that provides exceptional, enterprise-grade HD audio and video quality for any meeting space from huddle room, board room, auditorium or large event space enabled with video conferencing hardware.

HD Video Rooms is designed to work with an extensive range of VC room systems using industry standard video H.323 protocols enabling results in audio and video quality unmatched by other, similar video conferencing solutions.  

HD Video Rooms utilises our state-of-the-art video conferencing bridge to provide crystal-clear video and audio quality, which is superior to any software-based conferencing platforms. Once you experience the exceptional sound, vision and same-room feel of our video conferencing solution, you won't want to use anything else. HD Video Rooms can also be accessed via a web browser (WebRTC).

Cloud infrastructure security

At Express Virtual Meetings, we take security very seriously, as every business should. Our infrastructure and equipment is routinely upgraded to ensure the highest level of security. Our infrastructure, equipment and network is;

  • housed in secure data centres located in Sydney
  • monitored 24/7 by our Network Operations Centre (NOC)
  • secured by SHA-256 RSA SSL encryption
  • behind enterprise-grade hardware firewalls.

Conference-level security

Joining a video conference with or without operator-assistance

In order to join a HD Video Rooms conference, a connection must be established with a video endpoint either by dialing out to your participants or having your participants dial in via a dedicated IP address.

Conferences can be unassisted, as a DIY video conferencing solution where you can join a video conference by dialling a provided IP address (just like dialing a conference dial-in number from a regular phone) from your video conference system or by clicking a secure web link and entering a conference code. Alternatively, your video conference can be managed by our experienced operators via our operator-assisted video conferencing services. This means our operator dials out to each participant, verifies the party’s identity and then transfers that participant to the target conference. 

Similarly, you can choose a dial-in operator-assisted service so that all incoming participants are greeted and checked by a an experienced operator before placing the party into the conference.

Our experienced operators can also run a Q&A video session or coordinate voting and polling on your behalf should you need it.

Operator-assisted conferencing provides the highest level of conference security since each participant is screened before joining the selected meeting.

Levels of security

There are 2 levels of security available;

Personal security

  • Strong password requirements and the provision of host and guest pass codes for each reservation
    These should be used by a limited and trusted party or parties to allow all participants to be joined to the conference. Rules can be set that will not allow the conference to continue if a host is not present.

  • Service security
    Our operators can enter and monitor your video conference should you require this service to ensure your conference runs smoothly and there are no unwanted intruders on the call. All of our operators and support staff undergo Police Checks and training on security and privacy policies and procedures to ensure that the confidentiality of our customers’ information is maintained at all times.

Product Security 

  • Conference level pass code - a further prompt to a user in addition to either the guest or host pass code in order for them to join the conference. A conference operator can turn on or change the conference level pass code at any time during the meeting at which point all participants will be placed on hold and prompted to enter the conference level pass code again in order to rejoin the conference.

  • Dial-in Standby - security for unassisted/DIY dial-in participants who must match a predetermined calling IP
    address in order to be allowed into the conference.

  • Encryption - security can be enforced on the media connection through the use of encryption - either preferred or required.

An encryption preferred conference will prefer encryption but also allow non-encrypted terminals to be joined. This can be advantageous if one or more parties may have terminals that do not support encryption but are connected on a private, secure network.

An encryption required conference means that only endpoints capable of encrypting the media will be allowed into the conference. All others are not permitted.

When would I need conference security?

The highest level of conference security is imperative for;

  • legal discussions
  • corporate IR briefings
  • emergency management
  • medical confidentiality
  • government/classified information
  • trade secrets
  • corporate actions
  • proprietary discussions, or
  • any conversations where you want to retain privacy and confidentiality.



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