Operator-Assisted Conferencing

Peace of mind when you need it the most.

What is an operator-assisted conferencing service?

When you want your important meetings to run hitch-free, operator-assisted conferencing services can help you host a flawless conference every time. You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are more easily executed by the professionals.

Operator-assisted services will save you time, reduce your costs and alleviate the stress associated with planning and hosting complex teleconferences, large-scale events or celebrity media interviews. Your dedicated account manager will organise everything, leaving you free to focus on your meeting agenda.

What types of meetings can be operator assisted?

Operator-assisted services can help you successfully hold meetings of any size, at any time of the day or night, but we specialise in the following types of meetings.

Talent/Media Interviews

Scheduled interviews between journalists and talent (singers, musicians, actors, artists etc.) are easily managed by a professional operator. All the interviews will run smoothly and to schedule, so you don't need to worry about a thing.

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Large-scale conferences, event calls and virtual events

Large conferences can be a breeze. Our operators will ensure your meeting starts on time with all guests in attendance - we can accommodate over 1000 conference guests. We'll make sure there's no noise disrupting your conference and we can facilitate Q&A or voting sessions for you as well. These types of event calls, or virtual events are not limited to audio only. Our wholly owned, video conferencing technology allows our customers to supercharge their events to provide a high definition visual dimension to their important meetings.

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Guest Connections - no codes required

Instead of your participants dialling into the conference themselves, an operator can join your participants in for you, no matter where they are in the world. This means you don't need to worry about distributing dial-in numbers and access codes to your guests. You also don't need to worry about them remembering to join the conference at the right time - that's all taken care of!

When you need your conferences to run smoothly from start to finish, our expert operators will help you save time, reduce costs and stress less by taking care of everything for you.

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Why You Should Choose Express

Our state-of-the-art conferencing infrastructure ensures HD audio and video capability. These bridges also provide voice encryption technology which maintains privacy, facilitates secure communication and ensures confidentiality.


Save time by leaving the organisation and logistics to our team.


Reduce costs by eliminating the need for large face-to-face meetings.


Reduce stress by having experts run your conference for you.

How You Can Use Our Service

Our operator-assisted conferencing service can be used to:

  • join participants into meetings - you supply a list of meeting participants and we'll dial them into conference - on time, every time.
  • manage the logistics of a large or complicated conference call - we work closely with you to ensure your event starts on time with all guests in attendance and we are immediately available should you need assistance.
  • conduct interviews between talent and print or broadcast media - we'll make sure all interviews start and finish on time, plus we're discreet with celebrity details.

Helpful Operator-Assisted Conferencing Features

  • Speakers can be introduced by an experienced operator.
  • Guests can be announced by name so everyone can be easily identified.
  • Additional guests can be dialled in once the meeting has started, unannounced to avoid disruptions.
  • An operator can facilitate Q&A or voting sessions.
  • Meetings can be recorded and transcribed.

Why You Should Choose Express

  • You only pay for what you use (PAYG). Invoices are sent monthly with a 14-day remittance.
  • You'll experience crystal-clear high-definition audio quality in every conference.
  • Australia-based, real-person support is accessible by phone 24/7, every day of the year.
  • There are no hidden account fees, no lock-in contracts, no subscriptions and no credit cards.
  • Our experience spans 15 years and involves businesses of all sizes in Australia and around the world.

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