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Operator Connect and Host Dial Out 

When you or your participants need help connecting into conference

Our connection services take the stress out of conference hosting.

Sometimes connecting everyone into your conference is the biggest challenge you’ll face as a meeting host, especially if you have overseas participants. It can be extremely frustrating when your participants don’t turn up on time, ready to meet, and you have an agenda to get through in a tight time frame. Do your international participants face challenges dialling into your conference because of their local ITFS dialling restrictions? Do you want to ensure your international callers don't incur any conferencing costs? Perhaps it is imperative your conference participants turn up on time, every time. Both the operator connect and the host dial-out services are solutions to these challenges and allow you to conduct seamless meetings without disruption. Let us help you connect.

Operator Connect

The Operator Connect service is exactly that, we take the reins and one or more of our highly trained conferencing team connect all your conferencing participants directly into your conference – no need to wait for them to dial in to your meeting. We can announce participants by name on arrival, so you know exactly who is in the conference with you. We ensure your participants attend your conference call so you can focus on running your meeting.

Why choose Operator Connect?

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYour list of participants  are joined into your conference by our expert conferencing team.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYour meeting needs are covered by our service that is available 24/7/365.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngOur team of highly trained conferencing experts are experienced in every aspect of conferencing.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngWe will help you every step of the way.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYour meetings will start with everyone in attendance, no matter where they are located, on time, every time.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYour meetings are secure and privacy for all users is protected by our secure data centre located in Australia.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngThe arrival of each participant is announced by our operators, so you know exactly who is in conference.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.png Calls can be recorded and transcribed on request.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.png You can focus on conducting your meeting rather than worrying about dial-in numbers and access codes.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngThe conference for your participants is free. Per line, per-minute costs are covered by your Express account.

Host Dial Out

Our Host Dial-Out service puts you in the driver's seat. You decide exactly when and who you want in your conference and you make it happen. No need to send out dial-in numbers or access codes to your participants. Just like the operator-connect service, there is no waiting for participants to arrive on time and no worry of late arrivals disrupting your meeting. As the name of the service suggests, you (the host) are in control because you dial out to your participants so your meeting runs smoothly without disruption.

Why choose Host Dial Out?

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYou call directly to your guest rather than have them dial in.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.png You call your participants, and place them into your conference, rather than waiting for them to call.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngThe conference call for your participants is free. Per line, per-minute costs are covered by your account.

operator-assisted-conference_FEATURES_TICK_ICON.pngYou decide exactly who is in the conference, ensuring security and call confidentiality.

Simple Pay-As-You-Go Conferencing Solutions

Description Price
Operator Connect $5 per connection + line rates
Host Dial Out from $0.39 per line, per minute
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