Keypad Shortcuts

These telephone keypad functions can be used to ensure effective conferencing.

Conference Assistance

Alert Operator                                                                                             *0*0

available 8am - 6pm Monday - Friday (Melbourne/Sydney time)


Conference Management

Start Host-Initiated Recording                                                                 *2*1

Lock/Unlock Conference                                                                          *7

Host-Only Roll Call (Participant Name Record must be active)         *0*6*7

Terminate Conference                                                                              *9

In-Conference Participant Count                                                             999#

Host-Only Participant Count                                                                    *0*6*6

Mute All Guests                                                                                         250#

Unmute All Guests                                                                                    200#


Guest Management

Individual Guest Mute/Unmute                                                               *6

Guests in ‘listen only’ mode can mute/unmute themselves only when ‘guest mute override’ is activated on the account.
To activate this feature on your account, click here.


Additional Features (available on request)

  • Additional Conference Groups
  • Guest Entry on Mute
  • Participant Name Record
  • Participant Name Announce
  • Project Codes
  • Personal Identification Numbers
  • Auto Disconnect
  • Conference Quickstart
  • Auto Record

To activate any additional free features, click here or contact our friendly team on 1300 742 024.


Download a PDF version of these shortcuts.