Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about conference calling with Express.

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Getting Started

What is a conference call?

A conference call enables you to talk to multiple people anywhere in the world at the same time via telephone. All participants join using only a dial-in number and a code, so it's the easiest way to collaborate efficiently and productively.


Why should I use audio or web conferencing?

Audio and web conferencing saves your business time and money by eliminating the need for you to travel to meetings interstate or overseas. Conference calls can be organised on much shorter notice than an in-person meeting so you can make decisions much more quickly.


What does Express Virtual Meetings offer?

Express Virtual Meetings offers DIY or operator-assisted audio conferencing and web conferencing services. Our capabilities are:

DIY audio conferencing: a reservationless conferencing option

Web conferencing: share screens, host webinars, work on documents together in real time and see each other via webcam using web conferencing.

Operator-assisted conferencing:

Operator Connect: an operator dials participants into conference and is on the call for support if needed

Talent Connect: an operator manages celebrity interview schedules with print and broadcast media

Event Connect: host any large conference call such as an earnings call or annual board meeting


Where are your services and support located?

Express Virtual Meetings owns the conferencing bridges used to provide our service. Our bridges are located in secure data centres in Australia, offering minimal transmission delays between callers as well as full hardware and network redundancy. All our conferencing services are supported by expert Australia-based staff, who are available 24/7.


Audio Conferencing

What does audio conferencing involve?

Audio conferencing is a do-it-yourself conference call service. There are no bookings necessary, no contracts and no downloads. Audio conferencing allows you to schedule a call with your team or clients across multiple locations at any time.
All you have to do is:

  • choose a date and time for the conference
  • invite your participants
  • advise your participants of the dial-in numbers and guest code
  • start conferencing


Can I get free conferencing?

You can try our services for free for a week after you create an account with us. After your free week has finished, we don't charge any monthly fees, account-keeping fees or cancellation fees. You'll only ever pay for what you use.


Do I need to book my audio conference?

You do not need to book an audio conference. You can conference whenever you like, with whoever you like.
However, you do need to book our operator-assisted services.

What equipment do I need to conference?

All you need to conference is a telephone. It can be either a mobile or landline telephone, although calls from mobiles may incur additional charges from your mobile provider.


How do I start a conference call?

1) The host gives their guests the list of dial-in numbers and the Guest Access Code prior to the meeting.

2) At the time of the meeting, the host joins using the relevant dial-in number (depending on where they are located) and the Host Access Code. 

3) The guests join the meeting by using the relevant dial-in number and the Guest Access Code.


You can read our guide to conference calling here or you can watch our video on how to conference call on our Resources page.


Can different departments in my company hold conferences at the same time?

You can add additional conference groups to your account so that multiple conferences can be held at the same time. Separating your conferences by providing staff with individual Host Codes ensures you can track usage and costs more effectively.


Can I record my conference?

You can record your conference for $25 (ex. GST). You can manually record each conference or you can set up your account to automatically record all of your conferences. Recordings are kept on our secure server for 28 days so you can download the recording and distribute it as necessary.


How do I control noise in my conference?

The host is able to place all guests on mute by pressing 250#. They can all be unmuted by pressing 200#. Individuals can mute and unmute themselves by pressing *6.


How many participants can there be on the phone?

The conferencing system can accommodate hundreds of participants in one conference call. However, if you need to hold an event for over 30 people, please call us so we can tailor your group for the best conference experience.


Can overseas participants use the service?

Participants can dial in from any country in the world. If your country isn't listed on our dial-in numbers page, please contact us for alternative instructions. Participants in Northern Ireland must use the United Kingdom number, and participants in the Republic of Ireland use the Ireland number.


Can I conference while I am out of the office?


We have a mobile app called expressCONNECT, which is a no-fuss app that helps you host or join meetings directly from your mobile device at the touch of a button. You can download it for free from the App Store or from Google Play.

Does my voicemail pick up while I am on a call?


Your phone will function as if you were on any other call.


How do I join a conference that is already in progress?

Simply dial into the conference at any time and a tone will tell the others that someone has joined the conference.


What if I lose my phone connection during a call?

If you lose your phone connection, just redial the dial-in number and follow the prompts.

How do I get assistance during a conference?

Our operators provide in-conference assistance during business hours (8am-6pm Mon-Fri). All you need to do is press *0*0. You can also call us 24/7 on 1800 266 337 for support.


Web Conferencing

How do I hold a web conference?

1. Launch our web conferencing platform Infoshare and enter your username and password.

2. Schedule a future conference or start an instant online conference from within the platform.

3. Guests join the web conference by clicking on the link provided by the meeting host via email.

4. To meet face-to-face, each participant needs to turn on their webcam as well.


Where can I learn how to use your web conferencing service?

We've made some educational videos to help you learn all about web conferencing. They cover how to schedule and start your web conference, how to record the meeting and how to use the supporting features. You can find them on our Resources page.


Do I need to download anything?

To host a web conference with us you'll need to download our web conferencing platform Infoshare. You can download it from our customer portal. Guests will only need to download the program if the meeting is interactive. If the meeting is a webcast, they don't need to download the program.

What's the difference between a webcast and a webinar?

A webinar is an interactive web presentation. Giving, receiving and discussing information in real time is possible via whiteboard and live chat features. Polls and surveys can be used to gather real-time feedback, and Q&A sessions can be conducted at any point.

A webcast is a non-interactive presentation, broadcast over the internet to many simultaneous listeners or viewers. A webcast may either be distributed live or on demand. The transmission is one-way and does not allow interaction between the presenter and the audience.


How do I see my participants face-to-face?

To meet face-to-face, each participant needs to turn on their webcam. You can see up to 30 webcams on your screen during a web conference.


Operator-Assisted Conferencing

What is an operator-assisted conference call?

An operator-assisted conference call allows you to focus on your meeting agenda rather than its logistics. There's no need for dial-in numbers and guest codes as the operator connects participants as required. The operator can also implement a range of valuable conference call features on your behalf.


How does operator-assisted conferencing work?

Operator-assisted services can help you successfully hold any conference call more advanced than a simple audio conference. The operators can assist you with Q&A sessions, voting sessions, presenter introductions, interviews between journalists and talent (singers, musicians, actors, artists etc.) and conferences with 1000+ guests.


Call Security

How can I prevent unwanted participants from entering the conference?

There are a number of ways to prevent unwanted participants:

  • keep your access codes secure
  • request new dial-in access codes when staff leave the company
  • only issue conference start times and dates to those participants you want in attendance
  • once guests have entered the conference, the host can lock and unlock the conference by pressing *7
  • the host can hear how many parties have joined by pressing *0*6*6 and can return to the conference by pressing *9
  • you can book an Operator Connect conference so that only the participants on the list you provide are connected to the call


Can someone enter the conference without me knowing?

No, the default settings for all groups give a short tone to signal any new participant entering your conference. These settings can be customised at your request, such as name announcement upon entry.



How much will my conference call cost?

The price of your conference will depend on where your participants are dialling in from. View our pricing page here or contact us on 1800 704 782 for a customised quote.


Are the participants of the conference call charged?

Participants using the toll-free dial-in number on a landline will not be charged. The use of a mobile phone may incur charges from the mobile phone carrier. If participants use a local dial-in number from outside the local calling area in Australia or internationally, they will incur long-distance charges on their phone bill. For operator-assisted calls, participants are not charged as the operator is dialling them in to the call.


Are there any monthly charges or additional fees?

There are no monthly fees for any of our conferencing services. We do charge an additional fee for operator-assisted conferences held outside of business hours (8am-6pm Mon-Fri). You can view these charges on our pricing page.