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Conference Call Mobile App

Conference on the go with expressCONNECT for iPhone & Android

Everything you need to conference in the palm of your hand

expressconnect is a no-fuss conference calling app that helps you host or join meetings directly from your mobile device at the touch of a button.

  • Start or join a conference call in a couple of clicks
  • Select from a list of local and international dial-in numbers
  • Access in-app 24/7 phone support

Download expressconnect to your mobile device now!

Enter your country code (Australia is 61) followed by your mobile number. Be sure to drop the leading '0' and eliminate spaces between numbers, e.g 61412345678. You will receive an SMS link to download the app.


Don't have access codes?

To be able to use expressCONNECT, you need to have Express Virtual Meetings access codes.

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