Conference Call Equipment

Top-quality audio conferences with reliable equipment

What is conference call equipment?

In order for you to hold reliable audio conferences, your conferencing provider needs to own specific equipment, including a conferencing bridge. Conference call equipment refers to the hardware needed to conduct audio conferences of any size or complexity.

Businesses usually look for a provider with their own conference bridge, as conferences hosted on a bridge are of a high quality and much less likely to experience call drop-outs and other issues.

What conference call equipment do providers use?

The best conferencing providers use bridging equipment in order to connect users. This infrastructure means that conference participants are able to dial in to their conference easily and experience top-quality audio connections with everyone on the call.

Using a conference bridge allows customers to experience a high-quality, reliable connection over PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) lines each and every time. The alternative is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), which is an internet connection more prone to drop-outs and quality issues.

When choosing a conferencing provider, ensure that all their conferencing equipment is fully owned and operated by them. This means they can always guarantee you a top-quality audio conference call.

What are the benefits of using a professional conferencing provider?

Using a professional teleconferencing provider is beneficial for the productivity of your business. It requires less time and money compared to face-to-face meetings and offers a convenient and interactive meeting environment.

Using a provider with their own bridge ensures:

  • stable and reliable conference calls every time
  • clear audio with reduced echo and other noises
  • over 1000 people can easily join a conference

What do hosts and guests need to join a conference?

When hosting or attending an audio conference, you shouldn't require any special equipment - just a landline or mobile phone.

When you join a conferencing service, they will send you a list of dial-in numbers and access codes for both hosts and guests. You simply use your phone to dial in to your conferences with these details. 

At Express Virtual Meetings we own our conferencing bridges, which allows us to provide a high-quality conferencing service.

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