Conference calls


What is a conference call?

A conference call is a meeting between two or more people held over the phone instead of in person. There can be one or multiple hosts, and as many guests as you like (we can accommodate 1000+ participants).

Conference calling helps businesses save time, money and the environment by eliminating the need to travel to face-to-face meetings. Reducing time spent out of the office also increases productivity. Conference calling can be used for meetings such as business presentations, training sessions and quarterly result reports.

It's really easy to use - everyone simply joins the conference by entering a dial-in number and an access code on their landline or mobile phone.

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How do I hold a conference call?

  1. Invite your guests to the meeting via email and include the following information:
    - the date and time of the meeting
    - the guest access code
    - the list of dial-in numbers
  2. At the time of the meeting, all the attendees dial in using the dial-in number relevant to their current location.
  3. To join the meeting, the host enters the Host Code and the guests enter the Guest Code. If a guest dials in early, they are placed on hold until the host arrives.
  4. When the meeting has finished, everyone simply hangs up their phones.

You do not need to book a DIY conference call service.

 If you are new to conference calling, watch this short video on how to host a conference call and see how easy it can be.


How many participants can there be in the conference call?

Most conferencing systems can accommodate hundreds of participants in one conference call. The host is able to place all guests on mute to eliminate background noise from large numbers of participants.

Do you have a mobile app?

Yes! expressCONNECT is a no-fuss conference calling app that helps you host or join meetings directly from your mobile device at the touch of a button.

  • Start or join a conference call in a couple of clicks
  • Select from a list of local and international dial-in numbers
  • Access in-app 24/7 phone support

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How much will my conference call cost?

The price of your conference will depend on how many participants there are and where they are dialling in from.

Participants using a toll-free dial-in number on a landline will not be charged. The use of a mobile phone may incur charges from the mobile phone carrier. If participants use a local dial-in number from outside the local calling area in Australia or internationally, they will incur long distance charges on their phone bill. 

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Want to ensure you have a seamless conference call every time? Check out the Express blog '4 ways to have amazing conference calls' for tips on how to ensure your conference calls run without a hitch!

We also offer web conferencing, which allows you to share screens and collaborate with each other in real time. You can even see each other by using webcams. Learn more about our web conferencing service.