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Study confirms rising popularity of web conferencing

The global market for web conferencing solutions brought in revenue of US$1.80 billion in 2012, and shows no sign of slowing down in the near future.In fact, Frost & Sullivan is estimating that..


How to train an employee in web conferencing

As more enterprises adopt web conferencing as a business tool, it will be inevitable that there will be growth. As a result of this development, there will be additional web conferences taking..


5 tips for a successful web conference

Web conferencing is a very useful tool for businesses. It provides an efficient, environmentally-friendly means of communicating with people anywhere in the world as well as cutting travel costs..


3 ways web conferencing can help your training sessions

Employee training is essential for an organisation to be successful. These days, teams are often dispersed across the country or the world, which poses many challenges regarding session structure..


3 web conferencing mistakes that will drive you crazy

Having trouble getting your web conference to work? Here are 3 web conferencing errors that could drive you crazy and how you can fix them so they don't interfere with your conference.


Get more from your web conference by using annotation

Web conferencing makes collaboration and team work easier. You can enhance your web conferences by using annotation tools. They include a pen, highlighter, spotlight and arrow to help you..


Sales force automation - try web conferencing

There is one technology that can cut costs, save time and boost sales – Web Conferencing. A growing number of sales professionals are now using web conferencing to develop prospects, improve..


Educational seminars, lectures and tutorials using web conferencing

Many industries use web conferencing for different purposes. If you’ve always wondered how different locations are not a concern for sharing and learning, here’s how web conferencing can help the..


Evaluate your need for conference call services

Virtual meetings are conference call services designed to help your organisation manage time and improve communication. Using various conferencing solutions has proven to be beneficial for..

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