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The essential guide to optimising PowerPoint for online web meetings

Virtual meetings are now used within organisations across the globe just as much as traditional, in-person meetings. With distance no longer an issue, individuals can be anywhere there is an..


5 crucial elements of an effective web conference in the financial industry

Web conferences have become one of the most effective ways of bringing together members of the financial industry from across the globe into a shared online space. A web conference saves on costly..


An easy guide for small businesses to hold an effective web conference

Web conferences allow you to hold live meetings and presentations with team members and clients around the globe. They are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses who are looking to..


6 things you should know before creating your next presentation

Creating a presentation that is engaging, insightful and beneficial for your audience is a challenging task. However, knowing a few tricks of the trade can help you with your next presentation...


Should web conferencing play a role in our childrens' classrooms?

Is web conferencing the classroom of the future for the world’s children? In this blog, educators debate its value, weighing in on both its advantages and disadvantages. Let's take a deeper look..


Preparing for an online interview? Avoid these 5 common mistakes you could easily make

These days, more and more hiring decisions are being made in the digital realm. Increasingly, hiring managers are turning to the internet for their candidate search. However, this digital shift..


Which business collaboration method is right for you?

Before the invention of the webcam in 1991, if you needed to see your meeting participants, you had no choice but to travel to meet them. If they were in another state or even another country,..


6 web conferencing trends you need to know in 2017

Web conferencing will continue to evolve in 2017 and it's important to keep abreast of these trends. Here are six web conferencing developments your business will need to adopt to stay on top of..


The differences between web conferencing and video conferencing

Many people ask us about the differences between web conferencing and video conferencingThis article aims to clear up any confusion and help you decide on the best fit for your business.


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