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How teleconferencing can improve efficiency in the mining industry

The mining industry in Australia has never been more volatile. With such conditions comes the need for mining companies to reduce costs, improve productivity and ensure finances are aligned with..


Manage celebrities easily - how to execute multiple media calls

No two days are ever the same, or without their challenges, for those who represent celebrities and manage their publicity. Whilst managing the famous is exciting and has many perks, there is a..


4 reasons you should use an operator-assisted conference call service

Have you ever hosted or been part of a conference call where you are kept waiting for guests to dial in? Perhaps you’ve felt your meeting security is at risk because guests don’t record their name..


Confessions of an event call coordinator

You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are more easily executed by the professionals. When you want your important meetings to run..


3 types of operator-assisted conferencing [Infographic]

 A useful alternative to the instant, do-it-yourself conference call, operator-assisted conferencing can help manage large-scale intercity, interstate or international board meetings, team..


4 conference call security options you should know about

Audio conferencing, teleconferencing, conference calls, phone hook-up or telemeeting. Whatever you call it, meeting a group of people over the phone - without having to travel to a mutually..


Conquer your conference calls with an operator-assisted service

"Hello? Is there anybody there?" Have you ever booked, hosted or been part of a conference call where you are kept waiting for guests to dial in? Or maybe you’ve felt partially blindfolded when..


Operator-assisted conferencing helps you execute flawless meetings

Busy schedules, multiple time zones and roving staff can be managed by utilising operator-assisted conferencing services. Our operators will ensure your meeting starts on time with all..


5 reasons to use operator-assisted teleconferencing

Operator-assisted teleconferences are used in many businesses to make it easier to hold professional meetings over the phone. Operator-assisted teleconferencing can be used for consecutively..

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