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Our survival guide to leading an effective conference call

Conference calls are a highly effective way to reduce the costs and time associated with in-person meetings, while still providing a productive and accessible meeting environment. Here's a quick..


How to set up conference calls in 5 easy steps

In-person meetings can take up a lot of time and resources that could be better used in other areas of your business. So is an in-person meeting really necessary for all of your meetings? You can..


Don't miss out on these 12 conference features

Many people are unaware of all the ways they can make their conferencing account work better for them. There are plenty of features available to make your virtual meetings as seamless as possible. 


4 ways to have amazing conference calls

As we mentioned in a previous blog post, a survey by Intercall showed that it is a common occurance for people taking part in conference calls to be doing other things at the same time.


Play conference call Bingo to keep your meetings interesting!

We all know that conference calls can be far from perfect, so we've created a fun Bingo game for you to play next time you're on a call. Remember, many of these issues are unnecessary problems and..


A guide to conference call etiquette

Observing conference call etiquette can make the difference between a successful meeting and an unsuccessful one. Here are my top three tips for a hitch-free conference.



How to ensure people pay attention during conference calls

The number of people who are using mobile phones to dial into conference calls is steadily rising. While this is a good way to increase attendance because people can dial in from anywhere, it also..


Welcome to the new Express Virtual Meetings website!

Welcome to our new-look website! We've been working really hard to make sure our new website has all the information you'll need, whether you're a potential customer wanting to learn more about..


Express customer survey winner announced!

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 2014 Express customer survey! Congratulations to Lee Davie from the Australian Council of National Trusts, who is the lucky winner of an Apple iPad..

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