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Play conference call Bingo to keep your meetings interesting!

We all know that conference calls can be far from perfect, so we've created a fun Bingo game for you to play next time you're on a call. Remember, many of these issues are unnecessary problems and can be minimised by talking to an expert conferencing consultant at Express Virtual Meetings or by following the tips outlined below the gameboard. Until then, here are some more resources to help make your conferencing easier and more effective.

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Express Virtual Meetings is a foolproof tool for reducing conferencing problems. Here's why...

    • We can manage a Question and Answer session for you at any point during the conference.

    • A conferencing consultant can make sure all participants enter the conference on mute to avoid late arrivals interrupting the meeting, then unmute them for discussion. Participants can also mute and unmute themselves individually.

    • Our Talent Connect media interviews are run strictly to schedule, so they will never run overtime.

    • You can choose to have our conferencing consultants dial out to all your guests so that they are all joined to the conference at the same time.

    • You can use a time scheduler to work out the local time of your overseas participants, to make sure you don't schedule a conference for somebody's 2am!

Learn more about how a conferencing consultant can help you with operator-assisted conferencing!

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Last updated on November 1, 2018 08:41

Sidney Ferguson

Written by Sidney Ferguson

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