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How video conferencing is used in the legal industry

On a general level, video conferencing has changed the way in which we do business. By using the best video conferencing hardware and the latest software solutions, organisations across Australia..


12 key benefits of video conferencing

What is it that draws so many modern businesses to video conferencing services and platforms? We've identified 12 key benefits of video conferencing, all of which your business could - and should..


How to get the best out of screen sharing in your next video conference

If you're planning a video conferencing session - particularly a conference in which you want to demonstrate something to your participants using your computer - screen sharing is vitally..


10 most common mistakes made with webinar software

When you're getting ready to host your webinar, it's important not to fall into the traps that so many others have stumbled into before you. Take a look at our ten most common mistakes made with..


How an ‘always on’ video conferencing system connects distributed teams

Video conferencing has been part of the foundation of the remote revolution since the beginning. The ability to achieve a reliable and direct link to face-to-face communication between different..


How the health industry (hospitals, smaller practices) benefits from video conferencing

Video conferencing has made a huge impact on many industries, including the healthcare industry. Both large and small health care facilities are benefiting from the use of video conferencing..


How to use video conferencing for an interview

The ability to use video conferencing for interviews is on the rise, due to the many benefits that it provides. Virtual interviews have increased in frequency in recent years due to the many..


27 outstanding online tools for communicators

Modern life has made all of us online communicators. Each and every day, we harness the power of a broad range of apps and software pieces as we reach out to friends, family, and colleagues. With..


6 best video conferencing hardware pieces for small and large rooms

Video conferencing has set businesses free. Remote teams who once would've been completely isolated from one another, partners and stakeholders in different markets who would historically have..

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