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[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings partners with Konftel to provide plug-n-play HD video conferencing

Express Virtual Meetings has now partnered with ADDCOM Contact Solutions to offer Konftel HD video conferencing equipment to SMBs. For over 20 years ADDCOM has been a trusted Australian brand for..


[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings launches online video conferencing solution

Express Virtual Meeting’s intuitive, no-fuss, online video conferencing solution is completely mobile and accessible via a web link. Participants can see and hear each other and share screens -..


[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings launches first-ever channel partner program

Melbourne – 14 August 2019 – Express Virtual Meetings, a leading provider of audio, video and video room conferencing services and part of the MNF Group, has launched its first ever channel..


7 features to consider when choosing a conferencing provider for your small business

The best conferencing providers offer teleconferencing and video conferencing services with a whole range of features to suit many specific business requirements. Whilst conferencing has been a..


Looking for the best teleconferencing system on the market? You found it at Express Virtual Meetings

Whether you’re a business owner who needs to meet across multiple locations, or part of a a geographically-dispersed team, the way you communicate and work together relies heavily on the..


How to amplify your sales with screen sharing

For years, sales professionals have used PowerPoint presentations to get their message across to potential customers. And it works. In fact, it works extremely well. The prospect can see a visual..


8 best-practice tips for enhancing your video conferences

Video communication has quickly become a business standard for companies over the past few years. It's a great way to keep in touch with employees, clients, and colleagues, independent of their..


Best-of-Breed: Why this approach is ideal for your business and your users

'Comprehensive' has become something of a buzzword in recent years. In an increasingly competitive marketplace, businesses look for a one-stop shop; a single location from which they can get what..


Putting your small business communications platform to the test: 5 questions the platform needs to answer.

Communication is everything for a small business, and this is why opting for the best video conferencing hardware, software, and other physical and digital platforms, is so important. But how can..

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