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How to set up conference calls in 5 easy steps

In-person meetings can take up a lot of time and resources that could be better used in other areas of your business. So is an in-person meeting really necessary for all of your meetings? You can easily increase productivity by using a conference call instead. Setting up a conference call is simple - just follow these 5 steps.

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1. Create an account

Make sure you have a conferencing account with a dedicated conferencing provider. The best providers give you your own permanent host and guest codes that you can use for all your calls and they won't make you book your call ahead of time, so you'll never have to worry about those impromptu meetings again. Once you have your account, you'll receive your host and guest codes which will allow you and your guests to enter a conference. 

2. Invite your guests

Once you're ready for your first conference call, invite your guests via email. The email should include the time and date of the call, the list of dial-in numbers, the guest code and any further details or resources needed for the meeting, such as an agenda. It's also a good idea to give your guests any information or reading material that they may need to look at before the meeting. Try to give your guests a suggested amount of time to spend on the information or reading - this will give them more of an idea of what is required of them and they'll be more likely to do the work.

3. Initiate the conference call

At the time of the call, everybody dials the dial-in number relevant to their current location from their landline or mobile phone. When prompted, the conference host enters the host code and the guests enter the guest code to join the call. Your host and guest codes will be specific to you and will connect the host to the guests so your conference can begin.

4. Deliver goals and objectives

Once all meeting participants are present, use your agenda and deliver your goals and objectives. Make sure you and your guests know the end goal of your meeting before heading into your conference call. Outlining the goals and objectives at the start of the meeting will keep everyone on track. This way you'll use your time more productively and get exactly want you want from the meeting.

5. Use keypad shortcuts

You have the ability to use your keypad during your conference call to enter shortcuts that enable different features. These shortcuts give you options such as putting participants on mute, recording your conference or signalling for assistance. Participants will also have the ability to use keypad shortcuts to mute or unmute their own line if they are in a noisy environment or don't wish to speak. It's a good idea to make sure your guests know how to do this. You can get a full list of keypad shortcuts from your conference call provider.

How to set up conference calls in 5 easy steps

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