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Why we're the A-team of virtual meetings

Meet Kelly Cox, our Customer Care Consultant.

customer care kelly

She’s the one you'll possibly talk to about your conferencing needs and like everyone in the team, she’s known to WOW customers everyday.

We asked Kelly, “Why do you love working at Express Virtual Meetings?”

[Her answer involved a short walk to our WOW Wall – that showcases all the ways that the team has gone above and beyond customer expectations, delivering great value and service.]

I love Express because … of the A-Team.

What is the A-Team?

Our vision at Express Virtual Meetings is to be the A-Team of virtual meetings. Defined by our can-do approach and elite skills, we’re the virtual meetings supplier of choice in Australia.

Our values establish why:


We’re known to challenge the status quo and give the customer what they’re looking for. If you come to us with a request, you can be assured that we will say, “Yes we can”.


To do what we say, we thrive on taking action and finding innovative solutions to fulfil every request of our customers.


Shown through consistently high level of service – you’ll always speak to a real person too.


For our customers and the service we provide. We really care about giving you the best conferencing experience.

Get started with Express Virtual Meetings today. Read all the amazing things that our customers have said about us on our Customer Testimonials page.

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Last updated on August 21, 2017 16:46

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