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Changing meeting locations - are more CEOs going virtual?

The Executive Time Use Project is an international data collection effort by the London School of Economics and Harvard Business School to analyse how corporate leaders in the US, Europe and Asia organise their working time.

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In an article titled “Where’s the boss? Trapped in a Meeting” the Wall Street Journal reported some of the findings from the above research.

Notable ones include:

  • In one sample of 65 CEOs, executives spent roughly 18 hours of a 55-hour workweek in meetings, more than three hours on calls and five hours in business meals, on average. 
  • Some of the remaining time was spent travelling, in personal activity, such as exercise or lunches with spouses, or in short activities, such as quick calls, that weren't recorded by CEOs' assistants.
  • Working alone averaged just six hours weekly.
CEOs Time Crunch

The physical organisation is becoming a thing of the past. Technology will continue to shift what people spend their time doing, just as it will change the numbers of days they are present at a physical location.

All of the time that was spent in meetings (18 hours according to the Infographic) is what’s encouraging CEOs to go virtual. The attitude of people within the organisation (top down) is seeing a change - as they move to virtual communication tools like online meetings to organise their time better.

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Last updated on May 4, 2018 10:17

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