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Zoe Palin

[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings partners with Konftel to provide plug-n-play HD video conferencing

Express Virtual Meetings has now partnered with ADDCOM Contact Solutions to offer Konftel HD video conferencing equipment to SMBs. For over 20 years ADDCOM has been a trusted Australian brand for..


[Media Release] Express Virtual Meetings launches online video conferencing solution

Express Virtual Meeting’s intuitive, no-fuss, online video conferencing solution is completely mobile and accessible via a web link. Participants can see and hear each other and share screens -..


[MEDIA RELEASE] Express Virtual Meetings launches high-definition video conferencing

 Melbourne – 04 March 2019 – Express Virtual Meetings (EVM), a leading provider of audio, web and video conferencing services and part of the MNF Group, has launched its enterprise-grade,..


4 tips to help you prepare for your next earnings call

A sound investor relations strategy that follows best practice is pivotal to the success of publicly listed companies. In addition to the standard expected financial reporting, the most..


Confessions of an event call coordinator

You can hold straightforward conferences without any help from us, but more complex conferences are more easily executed by the professionals. When you want your important meetings to run..


3 types of operator-assisted conferencing [Infographic]

 A useful alternative to the instant, do-it-yourself conference call, operator-assisted conferencing can help manage large-scale intercity, interstate or international board meetings, team..


4 conference call security options you should know about

Audio conferencing, teleconferencing, conference calls, phone hook-up or telemeeting. Whatever you call it, meeting a group of people over the phone - without having to travel to a mutually..


Conquer your conference calls with an operator-assisted service

"Hello? Is there anybody there?" Have you ever booked, hosted or been part of a conference call where you are kept waiting for guests to dial in? Or maybe you’ve felt partially blindfolded when..


Operator-assisted conferencing helps you execute flawless meetings

Busy schedules, multiple time zones and roving staff can be managed by utilising operator-assisted conferencing services. Our operators will ensure your meeting starts on time with all..

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