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How to build a global network of communicators

Having a superior worldwide communications system in place is essential for remaining competitive as a global business in the 21st century. As communications and marketing executive Georgia Everse 


The art of attracting and retaining millennials in the workplace

With today’s generational shift in the workforce, what employers need to do in order to attract and retain top employees is changing. Millennials, also known as Generation Y (those who were born..


Nine of the best team-building activities for your time-poor staff

Team-building activities often have a bad reputation, but it's not because they’re ineffective – it’s usually because games or events are badly chosen, or they’re delivered in a way that’s..


5 tactics for building a unified corporate culture within your global team

With more and more people working harder than ever behind their smartphones and laptop screens, it can feel even more difficult to connect and engage with your co-workers – especially if they’re..


7 common web conferencing mistakes you can't afford to make

When technology meets decision making, there's plenty of room for things to go wrong. Take note of these common mistakes and you should be able to avoid them.


How to manage an effective web conference when there are many stakeholders present

Web conferences are a great way to improve efficiency within your business, saving both time and money, but unless they're managed effectively you won't receive the full benefits they can bring.


The essential guide to optimising PowerPoint for online web meetings

Virtual meetings are now used within organisations across the globe just as much as traditional, in-person meetings. With distance no longer an issue, individuals can be anywhere there is an..


7 ways to avoid an unproductive meeting

We are now working in a more collaborative way than ever before, with meetings taking up large amounts of time for many people in the workforce, especially those in managerial roles. Yet an..


Our survival guide to leading an effective conference call

Conference calls are a highly effective way to reduce the costs and time associated with in-person meetings, while still providing a productive and accessible meeting environment. Here's a quick..