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The essential guide to optimising PowerPoint for online web meetings

Virtual meetings are now used within organisations across the globe just as much as traditional, in-person meetings. With distance no longer an issue, individuals can be anywhere there is an..


7 ways to avoid an unproductive meeting

We are now working in a more collaborative way than ever before, with meetings taking up large amounts of time for many people in the workforce, especially those in managerial roles. Yet an..


Our survival guide to leading an effective conference call

Conference calls are a highly effective way to reduce the costs and time associated with in-person meetings, while still providing a productive and accessible meeting environment. Here's a quick..


Google Sheets vs Microsoft Excel: which is better in an online meeting?

Web conferencing allows businesses and institutes to conduct efficient meetings in an online environment, saving time and money, and increasing productivity and opportunities for collaboration. ..


How the healthcare industry can benefit from web conferencing

Web conferencing has particularly strong applications in the healthcare industry. This simple technology can help doctors to collaborate with staff, specialists and patients in a way that has..


5 crucial elements of an effective web conference in the financial industry

Web conferences have become one of the most effective ways of bringing together members of the financial industry from across the globe into a shared online space. A web conference saves on costly..


An easy guide for small businesses to hold an effective web conference

Web conferences allow you to hold live meetings and presentations with team members and clients around the globe. They are becoming increasingly popular for small businesses who are looking to..


6 questions you need to ask before setting your code of conduct

A code of conduct underlines your company‚Äôs values, the services you provide, your goals and your wider social responsibilities. It also outlines the company rules and policies regarding behaviour..


8 tips for maximising your webinar views using social media

Social media is one of the best platforms available for promoting webinars. It is a powerful tool that helps you expand your reach, find the right audience and convert followers into registered..