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Meeting etiquette: is it ever ok to use your mobile in a meeting?

If you're in a place with other people, take a minute right now and look around. Chances are good that you'll notice many of these people, maybe even most, are looking at their phones. In today’s..


How can large companies avoid vast numbers of meetings

When it comes to meetings, it can seem impossible to hit just the right frequency. You need to have enough meetings to do the job, but you don’t want to needlessly waste everyone’s precious time..


Preparing for an online interview? Avoid these 5 common mistakes you could easily make

These days, more and more hiring decisions are being made in the digital realm. Increasingly, hiring managers are turning to the internet for their candidate search. However, this digital shift..


Which business collaboration method is right for you?

Before the invention of the webcam in 1991, if you needed to see your meeting participants, you had no choice but to travel to meet them. If they were in another state or even another country,..


6 web conferencing trends you need to know in 2017

Web conferencing will continue to evolve in 2017 and it's important to keep abreast of these trends. Here are six web conferencing developments your business will need to adopt to stay on top of..


6 ways to improve your next teleconference

The host of a teleconference plays a vital role in arranging the meeting, coordinating the guest list, sticking to the agenda and generally keeping the teleconference on track.


5 steps to ensure your workshop doesn't become a meeting

A workshop is the best way to focus on one issue at a time, such as developing a way to solve a particular problem, whereas a meeting generally covers multiple topics. 


Use the "4 P's" to hold more productive meetings

You can hear groaning in offices across the country. “The boss wants to have another meeting this week.” Their frustration might be because the meetings aren't productive, as the boss doesn’t have..


8 hacks for staying focused in a meeting without coffee

We’ve all been there. That “let’s kickstart the day” 8am morning meeting, or the meeting at 2:30pm that coincides with your post-lunch zone-out. We know that coffee can have plenty of harmful side..