Proudly Australian owned and operated

Servicing small to medium businesses and large-scale enterprises since 2001


Express Virtual Meetings (EVM) was founded in 2001 by an enterprising husband-and-wife team. With a background in telecommunications, the couple created EVM to help businesses of all sizes reduce their meeting-related expenses and improve productivity so their employees maintain a healthy work/life balance and make it home in time for dinner!


From small beginnings to an industry leader


The business was initially operated out of the family home in Mount Eliza, a beachside suburb of Melbourne, Australia. The mission was to provide a low-cost conferencing service to small and medium enterprises that was easy to use and supported by exceptional customer service. 17 years on, EVM has grown into one of Australia’s leading conferencing providers, delivering video, audio, and operator-assisted conferencing solutions to over 10,000 enterprise, government and not-for-profit customers.


Despite this exponential growth, EVM’s original mission remains at its core and the business has retained its Australia-based operations without moving any of its customer support offshore. This means:

  • we operate a 24/7 service without time zone restrictions
  • we understand the unique and varied requirements of our Australia-based customers because EVM is Australian-owned and operated
  • our high standard of support and service expectations are the same as our customers’
  • the level of service is reflective of our company standards and values
  • our highly trained team is able to solve most issues on demand, meaning you won’t be transferred to multiple departments or need to repeat your story multiple times before your enquiry is addressed
  • we adhere to Australian privacy laws and ensure confidential customer details is kept secure and never sold to a third party


EVM has been providing video, audio and operator-assisted services to businesses of all sizes in Australia and around the world for 17 years. 

You can try our service free for 7 days, with no commitments and no credit card needed.

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Personal, on-demand support based in Australia


When you call us you’ll always speak to one of our experienced conferencing team members based in Melbourne. You'll never talk to a machine, be put on hold, or have to listen to long, complicated menus. We can provide you with dial-in numbers, connect guests into a conference, add new conference groups, or customise your account by activating free conferencing features whenever you choose to call us - we're available 24/7/365.



Service (response) is extremely quick, staff are knowledgeable and experienced and the connections are always reliable.

Zeynep Smith, Tracey Mair Publicity


Available 24/7/365 for a rapid response time


Whether you require help during or after business hours, we provide fast, reliable, on-demand support whenever you need it - 24/7/365. Our Australia-based team can work with you to determine the best conferencing option for your needs. We can set up your account within 30 minutes of receiving your enquiry, provide one-on-one or group training over the phone and manage your operator-assisted conferencing needs, including setting up large-scale event calls with Q&A in less than 2 hours.


Backed by an Australian-owned industry leader in telecommunications


Express Virtual Meetings is a subsidiary of MNF Group Limited, listed on the ASX since 2006 (ASX:MNF) and winner of numerous awards, including Forbes Asia-Pacific “Best under a Billion” award twice. MNF group is an Australian success story. Formed in 2004, the Group has grown rapidly and provides global communications solutions to the government, businesses of all sizes and over 100,000 household customers in Australia and New Zealand.


Excellent real-time support and no-nonsense technicalities that are experienced with other teleconference suppliers.

Sam Ellis, Westpac Banking Corporation


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