Audio Conferencing

Connect teams, reduce costs, save time and increase productivity 

What Is Audio Conferencing?

An audio conference is a telephone meeting between two or more participants in various locations and can be conducted via mobile phones or landlines. You can connect your team quickly and easily with a straightforward audio conference, whether the guests are located in Australia or across the world.

Audio conferencing connects people via a conferencing bridgeOur technology allows all participants to speak to each other over dedicated phone lines, which ensures call stability and reliability.

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How Does Audio Conferencing Work?

1. Call

Call the number provided to you on your landline or mobile phone.

2. Enter

Enter your access code (host or guest) and press the hash.

3. Talk

Start talking to people in your conference as soon as the host joins.

What Are The Benefits Of Audio Conferencing?

Reduce costs and save time

Audio conferencing saves you time and your business money, and allows you to re-allocate the savings to another area of your business. Say goodbye to travel expenses, accommodation expenses and meal allowances, as well as other meeting costs. By reducing the time spent travelling to and from meetings, you can increase productivity and speed up decision-making.

Connect teams in different locations and work smarter

Having easy access to reliable lines of communication between teams is essential in today's workplace. Audio conferencing simplifies the way people work together, no matter the distance between them. Simply pick up the phone and dial in to conference.

Get closer to achieving work/life balance

Poor work/life balance can cause stress, unhappiness and reduced productivity. Audio conferencing enables flexible working hours and allows you to work from home or any location in the world, so you can use your time in the most productive way. Stop spending time travelling and get back the time you deserve.

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The comprehensive guide to saving time and money with audio conferencing

The comprehensive guide to saving time and money with audio conferencing

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