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Our operator-assisted services


Our operator-assisted services will save you time and alleviate the stress of hosting complex audio conferences, large-scale events and talent interviews.

Why you should choose Express

  • You only pay for what you use (PAYG). Invoices are sent monthly with a 14-day remittance.
  • Australia-based, real-person support is accessible by phone 24/7, every day of the year.
  • There are no hidden account fees, no lock-in contracts, no subscriptions and no credit cards.
  • Our experience spans 15 years and involves businesses of all sizes in Australia and around the world.
  • We've been awarded several accolades at the Frankston and Mornington Peninsula Excellence in Business Awards.

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How you can use our service

Our operator-assisted conferencing service can be used to:

  • join participants into meetings - you supply a list of meeting participants and we'll dial them into conference - on time, every time.
  • manage the logistics of a large or complicated audio conference - we work closely with you to ensure your event starts on time with all guests in attendance and we are immediately available should you need assistance.

  • conduct interviews between talent and print or broadcast media - we'll make sure all interviews start and finish on time, plus we're discreet with celebrity details.

Operator-assisted benefits

  • Your meetings start on time - there's no waiting for participants to dial in as this is conducted by an operator.
  • Your meetings are secure - everyone knows exactly who is in the conference as all guests are announced by the operator.
  • Your meetings are easy - you can focus on your meeting agenda rather than worrying about dial-in numbers and access codes.

Helpful operator-assisted conferencing features

  • Speakers can be introduced by an experienced operator.
  • Guests can be announced by name so everyone can be easily identified.
  • Additional guests can be dialled in once the meeting has started, unannounced to avoid disruptions.
  • An operator can facilitate Q&A or voting sessions.
  • Meetings can be recorded and transcribed.


You give our operators a list of your guests and they will join everyone into the call for you. You can rest assured that your meetings will start with all participants in attendance every time.

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Your media interview schedules are easily managed with this service. Interviews will run smoothly and you have the added security of on-demand support available 24/7.

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Manage large conferences with this service. Our operaotrs will ensure your meeting starts on time with all guests in attendance and can facilitate Q&A or voting sessions if required.

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