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Experience top-quality conferences with Express Virtual Meetings

Audio Conferencing

Audio conferencing allows you to organise on-demand meetings with participants in multiple Australian and international locations without making a reservation or booking.

It is a pay-as-you-go service charged on a per-line, per-minute basis. We will provide you with a list of over 45 international toll free dial-in numbers.

We also provide many ways you can enhance your conferencing experience with Express, free of charge. These features can be activated at any time by your account manager.

Our most popular conferencing features include:

  • additional conference groups - hold multiple conferences at the same time and gain clarity on your invoice
  • participant name announce (on entry or exit) - know exactly who has joined and left your conference
  • guest entry on mute - eliminate background noise and interruptions
  • conference quickstart - open a conference without a host
  • personal identification numbers (PINs) - increase security by knowing exactly who attended your conferences
  • project codes - simplify billing between departments
  • automatic disconnect - avoid unexpected charges by ensuring guests don't continue conferencing
  • participant attendance reports - can be requested from conferencing consultants after the call

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing allows you to add a visual component to your event. It enables the host to share their screen or they can video conference with participants by using webcams.

Web conferencing allows you to:

  • host webinars
  • run a slideshow presentation
  • run interactive meetings
  • host a Q&A or audience poll
  • record your webinar or meeting
  • share documents

Operator-Assisted Conferencing

When you want your important meetings to run hitch-free, or to be assured that your conference call will start on time with everyone in attendance, operator-assisted conferencing services can help you host a flawless conference every time.

We can connect your guests into conference, manage an end-to-end large-scale virtual event or coordinate consecutive print and broadcast media interviews on your behalf, saving you time, alleviating stress and giving you the confidence to run a successful meeting or event every time. We also offer 24/7 phone support at no extra cost.

Our operator-assisted services include:

  • Operator Connect
  • Event Connect
  • Talent Connect

Operator Connect

The Operator Connect service allows you to host seamless conferences with all participants in attendance, regardless of location - on time, every time. Once provided with a list of all your conference call guests, our operators will call them and join each participant into the call on your behalf.

Our Operator Connect service ensures:

  • your participants will be in conference on time
  • participants and hosts will not have to worry about anything but the meeting itself
  • call and operator costs are charged to the account holder
  • a fast booking process – minimum one hour’s notice

Event Connect

Large-scale event conferences are a breeze when our event call coordinators manage the logistics of your conference call on your behalf. We work closely with you to ensure your event is a success.

  • Live Q&A or voting sessions can be conducted for quick and easy feedback.
  • The virtual event is secure as access is restricted to invited guests.
  • Detailed post-event reporting can be tailored to your specific needs.
  • A dedicated event call coordinator is with the host before, during and after the event to ensure it runs smoothly.
  • Participants are greeted by an operator and placed into conference.

Talent Connect

Our Talent Connect service provides an end-to-end solution for managing the talent interview process. It takes the stress out of coordinating and running consecutive talent interviews with print and broadcast media. It is managed for you by an expert operator and provides you with access to:

  • 24/7 management of interviews whenever you need them - anytime, anywhere
  • a fast booking process - meetings can be booked at very short notice
  • business-grade quality technology, ensuring clear interviews
  • transcriptions and recordings, so you can keep a record of the interviews
  • full reporting provided on completion of the scheduled interviews

Managed Question & Answer Sessions

On hearing the pre-arranged cue, the operator will open the floor to questions from participants who will be directed to press *1 on their telephone keypad. Participants with questions will be queued and introduced in succession, at which time the host will be given the opportunity to provide an answer.

At the conclusion of the Q&A session, the operator will thank participants and hand back over to the host who can then close proceedings.

Earnings Calls

Deliver your company results efficiently and conveniently to geographically-dispersed shareholders and investors.

  • Pre-call preparation advice and assistance.
  • Exclusive event call line for enhanced security.
  • Professionally-managed Q&A sessions, voting and polling.
  • Secure and efficient conference calls.
  • Recording facilities and transcription service.
  • Maximise participant attendance.
  • Dial in guests from anywhere in the world.
  • No lock-in contracts or subscriptions.
  • Customisable service to suit your business needs.

Blast Dial Out

This service is perfect for conferences or events with over 100 participants. You provide us with a list of names and numbers and we will call all participants at once into conference on time. If a participant misses our call, a message is left for them to call back and they can then be connected to the call.

SMS Broadcast

Send a bulk SMS to colleagues which contains a phone number they can call to be immediately joined into a conference. This can be used for any conference call, but is especially effective in response to crises or disasters.

Personalised Greetings

Replace the generic Express greeting that starts your calls and instead add your own pre-recorded, branded welcome message to greet your conference participants. Callers will know they're in the right place when they are presented with your own branded greeting each time they join one of your conference calls.

Operator Answer

This service is perfect for conferences with fewer than 100 participants. Your local or international guests call a dedicated phone number and are answered by one of our expert operators. The operator formally welcomes the guest to the conference with a pre-arranged greeting, takes their details as required and places the guest into the conference call. The guest enters the conference on mute and waits for the host to arrive and the event to begin.

Host Dial Out

The conference host can dial out to their guests and connect them into the conference. Host Dial Out is useful when you want to ensure your guests attend the conference or you want the flexibility to add a guest to an active conference.

Quick Connect

Our Quick Connect emergency conferencing system enables you to call a dedicated 1800 number to trigger an SMS send to a pre-determined list of contacts.

The SMS can be customised to your specific requirements and multiple pre-determined messages can be built. Included in the SMS can be a link that enables one-click access to your dedicated conference line.