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Our Technology

Our conferencing bridge ensures a hitch-free meeting experience.

The technology behind Express Virtual Meetings

Express' audio conferencing service is provided via two Compunetix CONTEX Summit bridges, housed within two separate data centres located in Melbourne, Australia. These conference bridges offer reliability and the capacity to handle thousands of simultaneous voice calls. They allow participants to meet over the telephone at any time, from anywhere in the world, without having to make a reservation.

Our powerful conference bridge allows customers to experience a high-quality, reliable connection over any landline or mobile phone. Our audio bridge is connected to the telephone network through a dedicated SIP trunk, provided by Symbio Networks.

We own all of our conferencing infrastructure and have a strong relationship with Symbio Networks and other upstream network providers. This means while we retain full control and deliver an outstanding customer experience, we ensure infrastructure redundancy.


About Symbio Networks

Symbio Networks is a premium-quality telephone service provider owned by the MNF Group. Symbio offers a complete, highly-scalable voice service throughout Australia and New Zealand, with a local presence in Los Angeles, New York, Hong Kong, Singapore, London, Frankfurt, Sydney and Auckland. With full network management and monitoring, Symbio can guarantee quality voice calls for Express Virtual Meetings customers.

Privacy and security

The privacy of our customers’ conferences is paramount.

  • Conference calls are recorded only at the request of customers.
  • Recordings are securely held on our platform and are accessible only to those with the corresponding login details.
  • Operators will only access conferences if requested to by participants or to ensure a successful conference.
  • We keep your personal details secure and will never sell them to a third party.

For further information, call us on 1300 849 300 or contact us here.

Why choose Express Virtual Meetings?

  • Many conferencing providers just onsell or white label another provider's services and conference bridge access. We own and control all our own hardware, infrastructure and equipment.
  • This means routine maintenance can be performed without disruption, delivering seamless conferencing to our customers.
  • Dedicated lines ensure exceptional call quality.
  • Our bridges are located in different locations to provide both full hardware and network redundancy.

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We now offer HD video conferencing

We have upgraded our technology to now support HD point-to-point video conferencingUnlike public, internet-based video (web) conferencing, our new HD video conferencing solution uses our state-of-the-art HD video bridge, designed to work with H.323 or SIP-video compatible endpoints, including Cisco, Polycom and Lifesize VC units and a wide range of complete room systems.

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