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Conference Bridge Services

Experience top-quality audio conferences by using a bridge-based service.

What is a conference bridge?

A conference bridge is the hardware used to connect hundreds of participants in seamless communication and can support a very large number of conference calls at once.

The best Australian conferencing companies own their own bridges, housed in secure data centres within Australia. This means they can guarantee the reliability and quality of the conferencing service they provide.

The benefits of conferencing via a bridge

Bridge conferencing offers many benefits over traditional face-to-face meetings. It saves you time and money by removing the need to travel to meetings, while also improving business productivity and collaboration. It ensures a flawless connection and reliable service.

Professional conference bridging services can guarantee:

  • call stability and reliability
  • clear communication with echo and noise reduction
  • scalable and customisable solutions, from 3 to 1000+ participants
  • multiple conference bridging services, including operator-assisted conferences
  • connections using your mobile or landline phone

Learn more about our conference bridge technology

Conference bridging services

When choosing a conferencing provider, it's advisable to choose one with their own bridge. Be sure they can offer you the following conference bridging services:

  • audio conferencing – bridging technology connects three or more participants in a high-quality phone call so participants can talk to each other in a simple yet effective audio conference.
  • operator-assisted conferencing – if you need to conduct a large event call, media interviews or a Q&A session, our professional operators will take care of all the logistics on your behalf, so you're free to focus on the meeting agenda.
  • video conferencing - if you need to connect multiple rooms where HD audio and video quality is non-negotiable. This service is most effective when paired with a hardware endpoint. It is best to select a video conferencing provider which owns its own infrastructure.

At Express Virtual Meetings we own our conferencing bridges, which allows us to provide a high-quality conferencing service to you.

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