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What is a virtual meeting?

A Virtual Meeting uses communication technology to enable the exchange of information and opinions between parties that are not in the same location.

At its simplest, a Virtual Meeting may be an audio conference also known as a teleconference - conducted over the telephone. This is generally used when the parties to the meeting are known to each other and the matter is routine. 

Where there is a need to share visuals, the audio conference can be complimented with a web conference, allowing documents, presentations, spreadsheets or applications to be viewed by all parties to the meeting via a web browser on your computer. This is particularly useful when the group needs to provide input on a report in real time.

For meetings with parties who are unfamiliar to each other, and there is a need to pick up facial expressions and body language, a video conferencing system can be used. The video conferencing platform generally allows documents to be shared, in addition to the voice and video image. Conferencing Continuum resized 600