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Service: Web Present

when to use web present:

Simple and easy web conferencing that allows you to present to your audience. Express offers specialised web present services for:

Company Announcements
Investor Relations
Analyst Briefings
Product Launches
Marketing Events

Our simple system means that you can now present your key messages to staff, colleagues, suppliers or clients around the world in virtual person. 

Guests join their Express Virtual Meeting by logging into their computer and accessing the web conferencing link from an invitation email, or by visiting the Express Website login. There are no downloads – just easy access to the presentation.

Web conferencing made easy through our simple sign up process.

our easy steps:

 Web present

Customisation Options:

Each Web Connect can be customised to company requirements. These elements include the ability to:

  • Provide multiple access points – guests can join via navigating the Express website and joining the meeting, or simply email and invite them with a direct link

  • Attendee Reporting – choose to include attendees email details in the reporting

  • Record Presentation – Record PC activities

  • Record Audio ­– Record audio for playback facilities

  • Security - an additional optional password to make sure all participants are invited participants

  • Meeting Type – host has total control. Upgrade the meeting type to Interactive for the times when you require interaction

  • Screen Sharing – choose what to share. Identify which applications are shared or viewed by participants.

  • Chat – send and receive chat messages from individuals to send to the entire audience throughout the presentation

  • Multiple presenters – identify in advance to have multiple presenters from different locations

And if we don’t have the solution in our list, and you are looking for a unique virtual event request that no one else can handle – call us – we will say ‘yes we can’.