Web Conferencing

managed conferencing services

Service: Specialised Solutions

when to use specialised solutions:

Achieving effective and productive virtual meetings can be guaranteed by booking an Express Virtual Meetings Conferencing Consultant. 

Working with your expert consultant will ensure your web virtual meeting goes without a hitch. Learn about the specialised features for your unique business requirements.


additional options:

Multiple access points

Guests can join via navigating to the Express website and joining the meeting, or simply email and invite them with a direct link.


Record your presentation for future use.


An additional optional password to make sure all participants are invited participants.

Meeting Type

Host has total control. Choose from presentation or interactive mode depending on your needs.

Attendee Reporting

Choose to include attendees email details in the reporting.

Screen Sharing

Choose what to share. Identify which applications are shared or viewed by participants.

Multiple Presenters

Choose in advance to have multiple presenters from different locations.

Change Presenter

Share the chair – change presenters at the click of a button.

Change Controller

Hand over control of your meeting content by changing the controller – everyone can provide input.

Use of Web Cam

Use your Web Cam to enhance meetings.

Send File

Share files with all participants during the meeting.


Send and receive chat messages from individuals to send to the entire audience throughout the presentation.

Whiteboard and Annotation

Record light bulb moments on the whiteboard or emphasise a point through annotation tools.