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Service Guarantee:

We offer service guarantees that are unique in the conferencing industry:

  • You will be answered directly by an operator every time you call the help desk
  • We offer a single point of contact to resolve any query
  • We can set up your account within 15 minutes of receipt of your registration
  • We will customise your account within 60 seconds
  • We offer as much training as you need – free of charge, no questions asked


Our Customer Confidentiality Charter and Service Guidelines:

We take our customers' confidentiality seriously. To protect the security of your conferencing, our employees observe the following rules and guidelines:


  • Monitoring of lines in a conference by our operators will be kept to a minimum, and will only be done to ensure the smooth and successful entry of participants, and to optimise the functioning of conferences.

  • We do not listen to the content of a conference. Any information heard by our operators will be treated with the strictest of confidence and will not be divulged to anyone.

  • We only record conferences at your request and for your use only.

  • You will always be notified that your conference is being recorded, according to your request.

  • All recorded conferences are held securely and copies will not be made or distributed without your written permission.


Feedback and Complaints:

We are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service every time you deal with us. If we make an error or our service does not live up to your expectations, we would like to know about it. We view any feedback as an opportunity to improve. If you have some feedback, a complaint, or a suggestion please use the Contact Us page.