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What services do you need?

The conferencing continuum outlines the types of meetings that Express Virtual Meetings can offer. As your conferencing needs change, so do our services, ensuring you can conference in the way your business needs to, while still achieving your meeting results.

Why use Express Virtual Meetings

Express Virtual Meetings has a range of products and services to really get your meetings going:

  • High Quality Phone Lines – like Telstra, we use high quality telephone lines to deliver clear audio quality.

  • Customised Audio Services – Event Connect, Operator Connect or Secure Connect are just some of the services we can offer to specialised needs of a business.

  • Web Conferencing and Video Streaming – to make seminars or interactive meetings a truly virtual experience.

  • Video Conferencing – talk face to face from opposites side of the world

  • Customised solutions – get the best result for your virtual seminar through our audio & web marketing tools, recordings, and guest management services