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Advantages of virtual meetings

Business meetings can be an exasperating part of working life. They often involve travel and time away from other important work, as well as family and friends. However, they are necessary to share information, deciding on new strategies and initiatives, consulting colleagues and building the relationships that lead to a productive work environment.

A survey conducted by Wainhouse Research found that survey respondents use Virtual Meeting technology to: 

  • Increase flexibility (71%)

  • Make meetings happen (71%)

  • Make meetings more productive (59%)

  • Enable new applications (57%)

The use of Virtual Meeting services offers the following advantages:

Faster Decisions

Eliminating travel time and giving participants more options with their availability means meetings can be conducted at short notice. This leads to greater interaction between employees, equipping them with the ability to make fast decisions in response to market changes.

Better Decisions

The flexibility of participants having the ability to join wherever they are located means that you can gain input from key authorities on the subject matter, so that decisions are reached.

Firmer Decisions

If you can gather all the parties who may by impacted by a certain decision, and have their input into the final decision, you’ll get greater buy-in and less likelihood of having to change the decision later.

CO2 Free Decisions

Express Virtual Meetings offset all our CO2 emissions , so by using our service will be doing your part to make a better future for our children. 

Happier Decisions

Parties won’t have to fly to a meeting and leave home early to catch a flight, and possibly arrive home late too. They are able to spend more time with their family and friends, which produces a better work-life balance and a happier employee.